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Published: 16th August 2011
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{Are you looking for that perfect full body workout routine? Do you want to know what type of full body workout routine will help you lose weight? If this is you then let me explain the whole purpose of a full body workout.|Are you always searching for that ideal full body workout routine that will make you lose all that stubborn fat on all areas of your body? If you are still looking, then look no more because I will reveal some of the most effective full body workout routine.|Are you the type of person that cannot seem to find a full body workout routine that works best for you? Have you made that life changing decision to lose weight, but you are still in search of the ultimate full body routine? If you are facing these problems, then I have your solutions, read on and you will find out the total idea of a full body workout.}

{A full body workout routine is by far one of the best methods to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. Full body workouts means hitting the gym hard and working on all your muscle groups in one session.|In one single session this amazing workout will work all your muscle groups, making sure you give it your ultimate all in the gym. This full body workout routine is certainly one of the most excellent exercises, basically because it makes you lose weight and build muscles at the same time.|Full body workout routine if done faithfully will allow you to gain muscles and lose weight at once! No wonder it is by far one of the best methods ever. So with this workout you really have to hit the gym hard because it will work all your muscle groups in one session.}

{This type of workout has been proven to increase the heart rate much faster then traditional cardio exercises making it a better method when trying to lose weight. According to new findings full body workout has proven to burn up more energy and fat compared with normal gym workout training.|This exercise is known to be superior in weight loss when compared to traditional cardio mainly because it has been confirmed that it boosts the heart rate much faster. Furthermore, it has also been proven that full body workouts compared with basic gym workout training, burn up more energy and fat according to new findings.|Full body workouts are proved better than usual cardio workouts, mostly because it intensifies the heart rate, making weight loss easily done. When normal gym training is involved, full workout routines are shown to be better because it burns up added energy and fat as new findings reveal.}

Here are Just A Few Full Body Workout Routines.

Front and Back Squats
Dead lifts ( Romanian and Standard)
Lateral Pull downs
Dumbbell Pull Ups
Beach Press
Barbell Rows

Each of these exercises is absolutely effective if performed with the right technique and proper guidance. This method of working out should be preceded with a quick warm session that helps to get your body fired up. Personally I like to take a 5 minute ride on an exercise bike or do 2000 meters on the rower before I do some dynamic warm movements.|If carried out with absolute technique and guidance the exercises above will certainly be successful. To get your body pumped up before the initial routine, it is definitely best to do a quick warm up. What I prefer to do is either 2000 meters on the rower or a simple 5 minute ride on a stationary bike before I do other active movements.|The only way the above routines will prove to be improving you body is if you execute it with the proper guidance and technique. And by doing a warm up, you will be doing yourself a favour because it helps to get your body fired up before your workout. I myself prefer to do 5 minutes on the stationary bike or jump on the rower and go 2000 meters before I perform dynamic warm movements.}

Here are some Great Dynamic Warm up Options

Double leg bridge pull in on swiss ball
Single leg bridge pull in on swiss ball
Mountain Climbers
Break dancers

Remember dynamic movement warm-ups are important to getting your body ready for the load of a full body workout routine. Think of it this way, the muscles of your body is like a chewing gum. Trying to stretch the chewing gum in its natural state will be a much more difficult to do compared with chewing it first. In the same respect our bodies need to be warmed up properly in order to stretch and grow properly whilst doing any type of demanding exercise.|In order to get your body prepared for a full body workout routine, keep in mind that dynamic movement warm ups are essential. Imagine your chewing gum as muscles in your body, if you chew the gum first it will stretch easier rather than trying to extend it in its natural condition. In this way, before doing any challenging exercises our bodies as well need to stretch and grow properly which can be done by doing warm ups.|It is totally important to bear the fact that dynamic movement warm ups are vital before performing a full body workout routine. Take chewing gum for example and imagine it as your muscles. If you were to expand the gum in its original form it will simply tear or would be really difficult. However if you were to first chew it, stretching the gum would be a breeze. This is the same case for our bodies, before doing any physically demanding exercise, or any type for that matter, our bodies need to warm up well if we want it to stretch and grow as it should.}

It addition to these exercises I would normally advice you also do a quick 8 minute interval workout after your full body workout. This will ensure that you are stripping fat down as much as possible. For full body workouts above I recommend doing 12 reps x 2 sets for each exercise. For warm-ups I suggest you do a straight 1 X 12 on each. Intervals are optional and can be done on a rower doing a 1 minute sprint with a 30 second rest, repeating for 8 minutes.|After your full body workout I would advise you as well to do a fast interval workout which takes 8 minutes, this guarantees that fat is stripped away as a great deal. I suggest a straight 1 x 12 on each exercise for warm ups. Intervals are non-compulsory and can be done on a rower with a minute sprint, with 30 second rests, repeated for 8 minutes. When doing full body workouts I suggest 12 reps x 2 sets for every exercise.|Intervals are discretionary but I do recommend you do a quick 8 minute exercise after your full body workout. This can be done either on a rower with a minute sprint, 30 second rest and repeated for 8 minutes. For warm ups a consecutive 1 x 12 routine on each with full body workouts lasting 12 reps x 2 sets for every exercise.}

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